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Jadu Tona Totka


Jadu tona totka is a serious disease. The one on which this happens becomes like a dry tree, but he does not know that black magic has been done on it. Some signs of Jadu tona totka are easily recognizable.

Main things: The effect of Jadu tona totka causes a person to become misguided, if the body dries up from illness, then these are serious signs of causing fear of seeing everyone by surprise.

Tantra-mantra, totke or Jadu tona totka have been used for centuries. People do such actions to defeat their enemies. Not only this, to control someone, to give their sickness or sorrow to others, to obstruct the house of another for the well being of their home, people try to do it through black magic. Many times its consequences are so severe that people do not understand how this trouble or sorrow suddenly came upon them. But the effect of Jadu tona totka does not come suddenly. He slowly shows his influence. Not only this, these Jadu tona totka also shows many symptoms, which can be avoided easily if there are many problems and crises that can be identified in time.

Jadu Tona Totka

Be careful if you start showing such signs of Jadu tona totka.

1. Suddenly you see a strange change in someone. He began to speak or live a lot. His actions start to look mysterious. So don't ignore him but keep an eye on him.

2. When someone is well, but suddenly his body dries up and he becomes a victim of drought disease. Or such disease surrounds it which is beyond comprehension.

3. The green basil plant planted in your house should dry up in one to two days. Or if any animal or bird bone or bird itself fell dead in the house, it is a sign of black magic.

4. A person's nature suddenly changes. It can be a sign of black magic if you start looking at him or he starts to look surprised and disturbed.

5. It can be a sign of black magic if you leave your job well enough, start drowning business, or suddenly start cutting to work.

6. Such a person is chopped off by people. He should be lost in his own world. The color of his nails gradually started to turn from white to black.

7. Unnecessarily he should be afraid inside, fear of anything, night terrors or refrain from sleeping at night are all signs of black magic.

By identifying these signs, you can save anyone. If any of these symptoms appear in your person's knowledge, then also show him to the doctor with astrology.